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Heart-Breaking Story From Pannir

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

"Help to save me from hanging " said Pannir from Changi Prison

31 July 1987,the day i was born, the day a young parent at age 23 year old receive me in their arm with full of hope and love.

As a normal lorry driver, who have to work day and night without concern for the hot blazing sun and heavy rain,with most of the time not enough sleep too. My father have never failed to put the food on the table for us.

My mum is a housewife but in short she is EVERYTHING. A teacher to chef, care giver,a friend, protector,motivator-she would be everything a child need at any given moment.

Pannir with Mummy, Aged 25

We were raised in a strong Christian faith, attend every Sunday service without a missed. Our growing years was full o blessing as we were surrounded by Christian community.Growing in a family of six sibling sometime caused disagreement but we were all close together and was there for each other.

What's ahead!

Vision 2020 or Wawasan 2020 is something that we can't forget as it was thought from the very beginning in Our primary school.Those day when i was young , i used to think how life could be in our Wawasan 2020? What kind of person i would be?. back then, when i was 9 or 10 years old ,i had am ambition to be a pilot, i am not sure why i want to be a Pilot. Fast forward 20 years, now in 2019, i am 31 years old and i am writing this letter from death row as a condemn prisoner in Singapore Changi Prison for trafficking 51.48g of Herion , in may 2 2017. I was sentences to death and in Feb 2018 my appeal was dismiss. After series of effort been taken to obtain certificate of cooperation from Public Prosecutors, they still denied and refuges to give me the certificate. This Certificate will be able to save my life from gallows.

Co-operation Effort

There was two part of co-operation that i had tender to the CNB and DPP :

A) I give the name of the person who sappose to receive the bundle from me on the day i was arrested as "Jimmy"(not the real name). Later when he was arrested put at the condemn cell, i got to know his real name as Zamri Bin Mohd Tahir,

  • IC: S7436466G

  • His address : BLK 1004B tOA Payoh Lorong 8

  • Jimmy's phone number -81752012

  • How Jimmy look like,i show a photo of " Jimmy" which 60% person look like Jimmy, as i only see him once.

  • I told Herman (the police officer) about the way and method that was discussed earlier to retrieve the bundle.

  • I told Herman about the person called "G" as well with his phone number 0187698815, where he worked and his shop located

  • I told about the " Big brother" and Anandh, How they look like.

  • In evidence, Herman told during the trial that all the information which i give was sufficient and he did not ask further question.I will attached the transcription of his evidence.

B) The second part of the co-operation was given once my family manage to obtain further information about Anand and Steven.

  • was interview on 20 August and 24 September 2018, conducted by INSP Neo Zhan Wei, From Special Investigation Team.

  • As for now "JImmy" latest progress is, when he was convicted on drug trafficking charges and sentences to death. he is also in death row now. he had given his consent that he wanted to filed an affidavit to support my co-operation effort and information that i had given is true.

  • I have informed INSP Neo Zhan Wei and DPP office about Jimmy's Intention to give a further statement however no action was taken from their side. This shows that they are acting in BAD FAITH in order to not give me the certificate even though i am liable for one.

  • Under section 33 B (2) (b) regardless of the timeline, the accused could be offers with Certificate of Substantive Assistance. It is always better if the information give at earlier stage but sometime, as only a courier i have limited information about the drug trader. as time passes by i gathers as much as information possible to help the CNB.

  • About reading of MDPN, Its absent in condition statement of Pw 13 and Pw 16- Its prodedural irregularity about the omission in condition statement of Pw 23, regardless the phone call and admission of the accused person to CNB and all the other points, i had written separately and pass it to your attention.

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