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Missing my Brother's Smile in this Covid-19 Outbreak

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Singapore's Changi Prison has decided to suspend all prison visit until 4th May 2020.While I understand that a greater cause needs to be served here, I have to admit that it has been more than a month since I last visited my brother Pannir Selvam, and I miss him. The last visit we had, was on 16 March 2020.

All this while, I've always thought that the trips I make to the Changi Prison to visit Pannir and back home were tough, but now, I've realized that this isn't true. Not being able to visit him for more than a month is even tougher, and I'm sure all medical professionals whom are battling the Covid-19 outbreak, are experiencing this pain too, as they head to the forefronts of this pandemic.

It was always his smile that has made me more dedicated and committed to bring him to justice and out of prison. The way he smiles, sharing his sorrows, pain and fears, is very special to me. Leaving after each visit gets harder but I know that I will have to go through this, and one day, soon enough, he is going to be with me out here. My biggest dream of all is to see my brother out of the prison, in a pandemic free society, where no human life is treated lightly. And I will use every last breath, every last ounce of energy, to realize this.

By Sangkari Pranthaman

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