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Pannir's Family

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox

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Statement from the family :

Celebrating a Birthday Together

We are an ordinary family from Malaysia. Pannir grew up in average circumstances. We are a family of six siblings, and our parents are just like many other Malaysian families.

Our father is a church minister and our mother a homemaker. They worked hard to provide opportunities for us. 

Pannir With Caroling Team, aged 19

Pannir is our brother. He survived as best as he could - working odd jobs as a lorry driver, salesperson and security guard.

Any money that Pannir earned, he sent home to support the family, and he would often skip meals to do so. 

This incident was his first run-in with the law. Pannir got involved with a bad crowd who took advantage of his isolation and loneliness. We can’t speak on what led him to make the decisions that he did. But when we heard about what happened, we were shocked. He is still family.

Potraits of Pannir

Pannir has not wasted his time in prison. Our hearts break to see him behind bars, but he has been making the most of his time, reading the works of Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and many to educate himself. Pannir has always been soft-hearted and kind.

An associate of his took advantage of his isolation, leading him into his current situation. What he did was not right. However, we don’t think he should have to pay for it with his life. Please help us to save our brother. 

Family Outing , Pannir stand first from left , aged 11

Family Outing , Pannir stands frist from Right , aged 10

Family friend visit Pannir stand first from left, aged 9

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