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Pannir's Trial and Appeal

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Pannir 22 yrs old at Cameron Highlands (2009)

Our brother Pannir Selvam is currently on death row in Singapore.We’re speaking publicly to try and save his life. 

Pannir was arrested at Woodlands Checkpoint in 2014, and charged with smuggling 51.84g of heroin. He was sentenced to death on 2 May 2017 by the Singapore High Court, and his appeal was dismissed in early 2018.

Throughout the investigations and even after his appeal had been dismissed, Pannir and our family tried our best to provide the Central Narcotics Bureau in Singapore with information that could assist in disrupting drug trafficking there.


We had hoped Pannir would receive a Certificate of Cooperation, granted by the Public Prosecutor of Singapore, that would spare him the gallows. Unfortunately, this Certificate was not granted.

Pannir petitioned for Presidential Clemency in Singapore in late 2018, and our parents and us (the siblings) also wrote to petition for the same. Pannir’s lawyers also put in a fourth petition in February 2019.

Pannir filed a criminal motion from prison for a stay of execution, and was due to represent himself in court with no lawyer. In a miraculous turn of events, two lawyers stepped in to assist Pannir on his case minutes before the hearing and a stay was granted. Thank you to Lawyers for Liberty and BMS Law for your support.

Pannir has been reflecting on his actions in prison. He’s expressed deep remorse about what he has done. We believe Pannir still has a lot to offer society. 

Inside prison, he’s been reading, self-studying, and following political news – especially developments in Malaysia. He has also become a man of faith. If given a second chance at life, he hopes to educate others on drug abuse prevention, and support prison reform programmes. 

Now, we are waiting to see if Pannir’s death sentence can be reversed by the Courts. Pannir is living on borrowed time, and we are desperate to help him. 

In the best case scenario, Pannir will spend life in prison in Singapore. But so long as he lives, it would be a second chance for him.

Please consider signing the petition to save Pannir’s life.


Timeline of Pannir's cases.



Cases Outcome 1

Cases Outcome 2

Cases Outcome 3

Cases Outcome 4

Cases Outcome 5

Cases Outcome 6

Cases Outcome 7

Cases Outcome 8

Cases Outcome 9

Cases Outcome 10

Cases Outcome 11

Cases Outcome 12

Cases Outcome 13

Cases Outcome 14

Cases Outcome 15

Cases Outcome 16

Cases Outcome 17

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