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Pannir' Story

Updated: May 3, 2022

Pannir Selvam Pranthaman was born on 31st July 1987 in Ipoh. He is the third child of Pranthaman and Saratha and grew up in a family with 5 other siblings, an older brother and sister, two younger brothers and a younger sister. The loving family had lived all their lives in Ipoh, Perak. Pannir Selvam was educated at ACS IPOH where he was known to be an active person in Sports. He was a school runner and always got selected to represent the team and the school in Kejohannan Olaragah.

Pre-School Graduation (1992)

After completing his SPM in 2004, Pannir worked as a warehouse assistant at Panca Estetik Enterprise. His co-workers emphasized Pannir as a very hardworking & adept young man and as proof of that, he got promoted within 3 months of joining the logistic industries. Pannir never forgot his roots of growing up in a Christian family and according to his family members, he was one of, if not the most active youth musician in his church’s band. He was a gifted musician - he could play all kinds of drums, guitars, keyboards and etc. Besides that, he would participate in all cell group prayers and church gatherings. According to his sister, although Pannir is hot-headed at times, he was very kind and soft-hearted. He enjoys extending help to strangers, or anyone in plight.

In 2010, Pannir wanted to test the waters and push himself even further. He moved to Singapore, aiming to gain experience working there. He successfully got a job at the Focal Security Group in Singapore as private security officer. Realising that he had much to learn still, Pannir enrolled himself in Stamford American International School as a part-time student in Jun 2013. He is also a member of Singapore Heart Foundation and MSQ Singapore. As the days pass by, Pannir got much busier working and studying in Singapore.

Even then, Pannir wanted to fulfill his obligations as a supportive brother and son. He voluntarily took the responsibility to finance his younger sister’s tertiary education in Kuala Lumpur and paid for her car. Distance may have kept them apart, but deep in Pannir’s heart, there was always only his family and God. Due to his life now in Singapore, Pannir had rare chances to visit his hometown and family in Ipoh. Down the road, Pannir had missed all the gathering and prayers in church as well.

In these 4 years, Pannir had only visited his family twice. Pannir started losing his focus in his studies and work. In September 2014, a chance encounter brought Pannir to meet Shanmugam for the first time. Within 15 days of getting to know Shanmugam, Pannir was enticed by him to be involved in couriering sex-enhancing medical drugs.

One unfortunate day on 3rd Sep 2014 , Pannir was cheated, betrayed and was set up as a victim. He became the scapegoat, when the border officers at the Woodlands checkpoint caught him with the drugs he was transporting.



Pannir's Childhood Memories



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