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Pannir’s Brother Shares Reflections of Them Growing Up

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Portraits of Pannir by Issac Pranthaman

Pannir with his bro Issac, Aged 16

HI I am Issac, Pannir's 2nd younger brother. I am 29 years old and serving as a assistant pastor in Ministry. My childhood experience growing up with Pannir was wonderful moment. I admire his capability in sports and also in music. He have represented his schools few time for Kejohanan Olarahaga. He is a protective brother as well. There was once, during my primary schooling time. I was bullied and teased by a group of older boy. This have happen few times however being in primary school i was afraid to the the teacher on the situation and i choose to tell it to my brother Pannir instead. He came to school the next day afternoon and explain to boys not to bullied primary kids because it will distract their studies and as well as everybody will get into trouble if the teacher or the headmaster got to know about this. Since then, we become help full school friends.

'The time is moving very fast with our everyday routine but in the center of all this, memories are timeless treasure of the heart. The time we spend together as family was so memorable. We have seen and share a lot of up and down together. But you constantly took me through the cloudy sky to show that life can be better. You have put us into so many tests in life but you come out shining bright. We will always have each other and I am so glad that I am your little brother. We play, we fought when we were a kid and those memories will live for all time in my heart. A brother like you is very uncommon'.

Pannir with his brother Issac, Aged 23

Potraits of Pannir By Issac Pranthaman

Holiday Outing , Aged 10

Taman DR.Playground , Aged 10

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